Wifi Network Engineer

Wireless/WiFi Network Engineers design, implement, maintain, and resolve issues of an organization’s wireless LAN and other emerging wireless technologies, such as WiFi, WAP, and WiMax. They are also responsible for supporting an enterprise’s WiFi hardware and software and improving them to the satisfaction of the client’s business requirements.

As individuals within this position play a unique role and bridge the gap between members of the network team and clients, they must have strong written and spoken communication skills

The job of these engineers includes planning, designing, implementing, and testing of all aspects of wireless networks. For this, they need to understand in detail the network topologies and communication protocols, the various wireless devices, and switching products. Also, they suggest recommendations for improving network architecture to meet changing business requirements.

They are also responsible for creating documentation for best practices of wireless LANs, securing infrastructure of the network by deploying firewall and anti-virus software, analyzing network performance of mobile applications, verifying the performance and quality of radio frequency (RF), and devising plans for optimizing the wireless network, among others.

Moreover, they should know enterprise routing protocols, such as BGP, OSPF, and EIGRPP and so on.

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