outside plant engineer salary

The OSP Engineer is responsible for managing the project expenditure, create progress reports, and recommend solutions to management. They have to perform mathematical and statistical analyses and prepare reports related to specific engineering and construction activities. The professionals will assist the other departments during the operation and maintenance of the plant. The following list defines some roles that play a prominent part of this job profile:
  • Adheres to the industry standard regarding construction and maintenance of the entire OSP structure
  • Assumes full responsibility for the safety and security of the existing OSP facility
  • Determines the scope, budget, and schedules for existing and new OSP projects
  • Submits weekly project status reports to the reporting managers
  • Delivers project installations within the stipulated time
  • Follows engineering standards and work as per market engineering specifications
  • Develops aerial and underground fiber route maps and executes tasks such as route analysis
  • Assumes charge of fiber optic verification and all cable route mapping activities
  • Maintains records of all fiber cable splicing and topography
  • Develops mitigation and restoration procedures for emergency conditions
  • Possesses proper knowledge of CAD and other software applications used to create engineering designs
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