Find Freelance CCNP Data Center

The CCNP Data Center Professional should have the ability to understand basic network fundamentals and design simple LANs, such as switching and routing. The Certified Professional will troubleshoot issues related to virtualization and storage. It is Cisco Certified Network Professional Data Center personnel who oversees the Data Center automation and orchestration with the focus of Cisco ACI and Cisco UCS Director.

The professional must play an active role in setting up the identity abstraction and service profile templates. They have to explain in detail about the Cisco UCS connectivity and UCS server form factors. The CCNP professional will deploy Iscsi, FCoE, Cisco UCS backups and firmware updates. It is the Cisco Certified Network Professional Data Center personnel who compares scripting options for Cisco UCS Manager. They will take care of the external authentication providers, key management and monitoring. The professional will execute role-based access control (RBAC).

The CCNP Data Center professional implements Cisco UCS Central and utilize it to add a Cisco UCS Manager domain, monitor resources, and develop all required pool and templates to deploy a service profile. They take care of the Cisco Integrated Management Controller (Cisco IMC) Supervisor. The professional utilize various scripting tools available with Cisco NX-OS.  It is the responsibility of the Cisco Certified Network Professional who introduces the high-level concepts and various fabric discovery parameter for Cisco ACI. They have to list Cisco ACI monitoring capabilities and develop tenant-based policies for bare metal hosts.

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