data center operator job description

Data centers need to keep their running costs steady by cooling them. This activity also helps them to cut down their downtime risks.

Its operators, also known as network technicians or data center technicians, have to check functionalities of huge computer network equipment. They must be ready to work in shifts because data centers work round-the-clock.

Operators should be prepared to work manually in the data center to fix equipment. They should have strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Technicians should be good at customer service. They need to work flexible hours and should be available at the beck and call to fix technical problems.

As operators are responsible for tier-1 level technical support, they need to be able to multitask. They must have excellent analytical and problem-solving skills and solid written and verbal communication skills.

Finally, operators need to remain calm in high-pressure environments to work efficiently. They need to be physically up to it because they will need to do some manual work like lifting weights of up to 25 pounds, walking short distances, and using hands and wrists for lengthy periods, among others.

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